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Many thinkers, philosophers and experts have concluded that humanity is heading for a dramatic transition. Even the UN talks of the certainty of near-term non-linear change. This is broader than global warming and includes political, technological, economic, demographic, psycho/spiritual, agricultural, sociological, ecological, educational, moral, philosophical and existential crises.

Provided we can muster enough collective wisdom, this transition could be the most dramatically progressive transformation in centuries, or even millennia: comparable to what happened 350 years ago (the Enlightenment), or perhaps 2,500 years ago (the Axial Revolution), or perhaps 12,000 years ago (the switch to agriculture and city dwelling) or even 50,000 years ago (when humans started dominating all other species).

On the other hand, the default trajectory is for the transition to be an unprecedentedly regressive collapse into chaos: unprecedented because this would be the collapse of the first global civilization.

What's to be done? And more importantly, what's to be understood?

This is the subject matter of our discussions. We meet in person so we can fully benefit from the power of relationships.

A good, short exposition of Humanity's Transition is this given in 30-minute video where Daniel Schmachtenberger is interviewed.

Events are open to curious and concerned minds, aged 16-116. (Under 18s must be accompanied by a guardian.)

Organized by The Relevant Education Project

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