What we're about

humankind San Diego is dedicated to providing community members with the training and tools they need to improve social cohesion within their own neighborhoods. It's all about recognizing our shared humanity.

That process often starts with understanding our own inner narratives. What are our assumptions, judgements, and potential triggers? Then there are the added dynamics of one-on-one and small-group conversations. How do we listen? What questions do we ask?

While we don't have to agree on every issue; what we can do is recognize the shared humanity in one another and learn about the stories that make us who we are. humankind San Diego organizes a variety of events to do this - we hope you'll join us!

humankind San Diego


Past events (14)

Listening Lab

North University Community Branch Library

Listening Lab - Migration

Hera Hub, Sorrento Valley

Listening Lab (every 3rd Wednesday)

Collective Impact Center

Listening Lab (every 2nd Wednesday)

Collective Impact Center

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