Everyday Pandas for Totally not Data Scientists


Come out and learn about the open source and easy-to-use data structures and data analysis tools for the Python programming language.

Speaker Jim Kutter
Chief Technology Officer
Infinite Media Concepts LLC (mailinglists.com)

Jim started out working in the Visual Effects industry programming shaders and customizations to high end 3d software, before a brief stint porting video games to Linux. He ultimately settled in the internet industry, focusing on data integration and cloud technologies. He struck out on his own, forming KutterGroup LLC in 2004, where he helped clients of all sizes, integrating platforms such as Hubspot, SalesForce.com and Microsoft Navision. In 2019 he accepted a position to act as CTO for Infinite Media Concepts, overseeing all of their data analysis and delivery operations. Jim has interests visualization, big data, and computing history. He lives in Hopewell Junction, NY with his wife and three children.