HydraHack Returns: The Chatbot Revolution

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2016 is the year of the Chatbot. Join us for some food & drinks (thanks to our sponsors!), and some talks/demos on the capabilities and potential of this game-changing new technology.

Talks from:

Leon Barrett (https://twitter.com/leonbarrett): 'Bots for Business'

Bots are seen as the next big interface, but what are they actually used for, who uses them and why? I'll discuss a short history of communicating with brands and how our changing habits require businesses to change the way they do so.

Josh Sephton (https://twitter.com/heldtogether): 'Bots: A Revolution 60 Years in the Making'

It's now common to hear "Ok, Google" and "Hey, Siri", but exactly how does the silicon in your phone know what you're saying? In this upcoming talk, I dive into how artificial intelligence has developed over the last 60 years and how you can take advantage of it.

Stuart Langridge (https://twitter.com/sil): 'The UX of Text'

Humanity graduated from pointing and grunting to expressive language tens of thousands of years ago. Maybe it's time our user interfaces do the same. Some thoughts on using text to communicate, the challenges for UX, and the supposed bot revolution.