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Hyperledger Fabric and consortium blockchain challenges

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Hyperledger Fabric and consortium blockchain challenges


Bringing a Hyperledger Fabric network up an running in a complex multi-customer environment is not without challenges. In this presentation, we will summarize some of the problems, issues, misconceptions and challenges that might arise, including but not limited to:

- The place of agile methodologies in blockchain development
- Designing cryptography versus business logic
- Fabric performance, privacy
- Multiparty enterprise operation, like multiorganisational ticket handling, monitoring, disaster recovery or cryptographic materials.

The presentation acts more as a problem statement summarizing mostly the possible problems and challenges of the field, without going into the details of specific solutions or tools. We hope that further active community contribution either during the meetup or as subsequent meetups will fill the white spaces.

Hyperledger Berlin
Hyperledger Berlin
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