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Welcome to the Hypertrace online meetup group. This group hosts talks to help users get started with Distributed Tracing and Hypertrace.

If you haven't tried Hypertrace yet, feel free to check out us on GitHub (https://github.com/hypertrace/hypertrace). If you like the Hypertrace, don't forget to give us a star on GitHub: https://github.com/hypertrace/hypertrace

If you are interested in distributed tracing or want to know more about Hypertrace follow us on twitter @Hypertraceorg (https://twitter.com/HypertraceOrg) or join us on slack (https://join.slack.com/t/hypertrace/shared_invite/zt-oln0psj9-lm1CSkXE1vsWdcw6YKWGDg).

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