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If you're sitting there reading this then you probably either have an interest in personal growth or want to learn more about yourself in a number of different areas of life. Whatever it is for you thats exactly why we started this group to open the floor to the current knowledge and learnings out in the world and bring people together to learn from each other.


Hypnosis is our passion, Energy is our passion in fact all learning and personal growth is the force that drives us. If your interested in how the mind really works or want to understand yourself even more or just want to meet people exactly like yourself, if your a soul who wants to learn at every opportunity or personal growth is the driving force of your life then thats exactly what we discuss. We are all on a learning journey and we learn from each other.


Our purpose is to bring like minded people together to share, enjoy and experience the joy of life whilst learning at every opportunity and Making a Difference. For many years I myself was by myself on this journey and now I open this group up to encourage others to share and learn from each other.

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