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The Secret NLP Laws of Success and Power

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NLP Laws of Success

• What if there was a way that you could ensure that you would always succeed at whatever you set your mind to?
• What if you found out you've been playing a game that no one ever told you the rules too?
• What if it was infinitely easier than you ever dreamed?
• What if you make the change right now, in an instant?

Would you do it?

In tonight's meeting you will learn 14 principles that will change your life once you decide to live by them. There are certain beliefs we all choose to believe in whether we are aware of them or not. These laws of success are simply convenient assumptions that we, as NLP practitioners choose to believe. I have no way to “prove” that they are true, but they work.

I can tell you that in the early days of NLP, all the first practitioners adopted this set of presuppositions when dealing with clients, friends, family, and most importantly, themselves.

So what is going to determine what kind of experience you have over the next few months/years? What is the difference that makes a difference? What can guarantee you will will see the empowering reality around you, rather than the dis-empowering reality? There are people all around you that are looking at everything that is happening and seeing not potentially the greatest financial crisis in history but the greatest financial opportunity in history! Which one is true though? I’m sure if you are like me, you probably would say, “BOTH!” Exactly! But which one is true in your unconscious mind…

When I first began studying NLP I remember learning these 14 presuppositions and literally thinking to myself, “If these are actually rules and beliefs to live by, this is REALLY what NLP is all about. This it it!

These are the "Beliefs of Success." If you've ever wanted to know more about NLP this is the perfect opportunity. These are the fundamental beliefs that create not only success in NLP but in every area of life!

If you are in another area, check out our other chapters all over So Cal. Same content, different location!

So you know, as of this month, we now have this same meetup each month all over Southern California. We want to spread the teachings of NLP, and give back some of the success we have experienced because of NLP and Hypnosis. If this is not in your area, click the link below for the EXACT SAME MEETUP, but for the group in your area. We have Santa Monica, Orange County, and San Diego. Even better, if you can't make it out, or it's just too far to go, you can join us via live-stream to enjoy the content. Find out more at: