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Stop Perfection!
Are you one of those people looking for the perfect relationship, the perfect job or business and the perfect health? More often than not, we get so much caught in this loop of idea of how we want our partners should be, how to get the best job or business, and what level in health we want to achieve down the road. It comes to the point where we feel overwhelmed and exasperated because things are not heading to the direction we want them to be. Isn’t that true? Maybe you have your heard this phrase “Nobody is Perfect?’ – a hundred times already. It’s one thing to hear it and agree, completely different to really believe it! • How many times have you caught yourself worrying or wondering what other people think about you, or about something you have done? • Do you find yourself spending more time getting ready or more time finishing the assignment/project/presentation only to find that someone always has an opinion?! • Do you find yourself stressed or anxious or even perhaps avoiding situations to avoid feeling stressed? • Do you beat yourself up for not achieving that perfect body when you’ve tried all sorts of exercise and not achieving them instantaneously? Why does it feel so hard to let go of perfection that we often choose to live it the harder way? Nobody realises how rewarding to take it easy and start letting go of perfection! Join us as we introduce you to someone who isn't just an expert on letting go of all the details and ideas of perfectionism, but has coached countless individuals to find their true potential in all areas of life. RSVP 'COMING' NOW TO RESERVE YOUR SEAT! What if you could be happy being you and knowing that you are doing everything you need to do to be the best you can be? Learn the tools to LET GO & BE HAPPY, experiencing the FUN of LIFE! The thing that is really hard, and really amazing, is giving up on being perfect and beginning the work of becoming yourself. - Anna Quindlen Life is an adventure. We can’t wait for you to join us at this meetup and discover how to make this year your most fun and successful year yet! Come and be part of the community building champions and releasing inhibitions... Fix your eyes to what you really want and we will be the tool to guide you in starting to move, NOW is the time to let go of the details and get what you really want in life! Put the date in your diary.... do whatever it takes to be there... and if you know someone that could benefit from joining... bring them along... Let's make this the biggest meetup yet!!! Get Moving & RSVP ‘Coming’ Now!! See you there! Melisa Meetup Format Each meetup will be split into two parts. There will be an hour talk, followed by coffee and socialising afterwards. So the schedule will be as follows: 6:45pm to 7:45pm - 1 Hour Talk 7:45pm to 9:00pm - Socialising for Coffee and Drinks The socialising is very important as it gives us time to get to know each other and for embedding the learnings from the hour talk, you can get your questions answered and discuss the meetup with others that also attended. Questions: How much does it cost? This meetup is free so long as you have fun and learn as much as you can! What time does it start? We’ll be starting the meetup at 6:45pm. So make sure you arrive around 6:30pm so you can get a seat.

Fourth Floor - Hayden Raysmith Room - Ross House

247-251 Flinders Lane Melbourne 3000 · Melbourne

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    Welcome to both people who are interested in Hypnosis and NLP and people who already have a great deal of knowledge about NLP and Hypnosis.


    This is an opportunity for people who have already learnt about NLP and Hypnosis to join the community and find like minded people and other people that they can either practice with or talk to.


    Come and join our group for a great community atmosphere and great conversation about hypnosis and NLP. If you have an interest in personal growth or if you want to learn about yourself in different areas of life then come and find some like minded people to speak to.

    Thats why we started this group to provide a community where you can come and learn and have fun whilst meeting like minded people.


    Hypnosis is a personal love of mine, as is personal growth and even the field of energy. I love learning and sharing how the mind really works and helping people to understand themselves.

    If you're a person who wants to learn everything you can in a safe environment then come and join us for a fun chat at one of our meetups.


    We want to build a community of local hypnosis and NLP keen individuals to share, love, enjoy and have fun experiencing life whilst making the biggest difference we can.

    Look forward to seeing you soon,


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