What we're about

This group is about achieving personal growth, healing, and success in all aspects of our lives. Based primarily on the idea of positive Self-directed Neuroplasticity (rewiring the brain for success!) in the likes put forth by Rick Hanson, PhD, Bruce Lipton, Joe Dispenza, and so many successful NLP & Hypnosis practitioners, the group focuses on how thoughts become beliefs, beliefs become action. What we focus on our energy on grows.

We utilize discussions, principles, tools, and practices that can bring about greater happiness, calm, confidence, focus, motivation, and to grow the brain resources and structures for long lasting change and good!

While mostly a discussion group, it will also contain experiential elements and demonstrations, sessions (sometimes for a nominal/low cost). Sometimes we will conduct GROUP HYPNOSIS sessions, which will include a fee. Most of the time, we will ask for donations only. Usually there is water and light snacks provided.

We may bring in guest speakers and ask other local hypnotists/hypnotherapists to visit and speak.

Note that the Meetup service is a social media site, and your RSVP becomes public to this list and other potential attendees. If you would like to speak or share a topic request for an upcoming meeting, please contact Racquel Knight at (443) 686-9645.

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