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有太多members問我冇讀WSET, 但又想學下酒 (葡萄酒或烈酒), 係咪就冇一個study group? 徇眾要求我哋決定開一個whatsapp study group係專門畀beginner, 用得中英混合嚟出呢個post, study group入面分享嘅內容當然會係以中文為主, 加英文名詞, 冇錯! 絕對係港式教學法, 想冇語言嘅障礙去學下飲酒歡迎join依個group。

注意:賣酒, 賣保險, 賣乜乜物物嘅即out, 呢度只可以賣智慧同賣知識。

I am flattered with the numerous enquires from the members about whether they can join the “Study Group”. Some of them unfortunately do not have (or yet to have) WSET qualification. Since this is a group for promoting wine tasting (and also for having fun of course😜), setting a bar seems to be contradictory to our objective. Therefore, I proudly present to you that another wine & spirit study group is created for ALL BEGINNERS and it is called “Learning Group”.

So long as you want to know more about wine, spirits (Whisk(e)y, Gin, Cognac/Bas-armagnac/Brandy, R(h)um, Vodka, etc.), food-pairing, or even music-pairing, or share your views on how to combine with wine & spirits. You are most welcome to join our WhatsApp “Learning Group”.

This “Learning Group” is genuinely for fun and knowledge sharing. Sales for wine, insurance policy or whatever product please do not bother to join as you will be asked to quit group immediately.

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