What we're about

I founded ComeWith to bring people together in a real and authentic way. Making friends can be difficult at times. ComeWith is the best way to cultivate meaningful relationships through shared experiences.

Who is this group for?

This group is for everyone that wants to make new friends, have an active social life and cultivate meaningful relationships. All ages are welcome… but you must be at least 18.

Member Fees

We don’t charge membership fees and we (normally) don’t charge event fees. Events only charge attendees if there are vendor costs to cover (like kayak rental fees or a tour guide or other direct costs from some of the events that we help organize).

What is ComeWith? How is it different than Meetup?

ComeWith helps you take Meetups to the next level. We create fun events on Meetup so we can meet new people and make new friends. When you make a connection with someone, add them to your real friend network on ComeWith. Then you can create your own, typically smaller, more intimate experiences on ComeWith and all your friends will be automatically notified. For example, you can meet people at one of our Meetups and then invite them to join you for a reservation for four at a cool and trendy restaurant. By connecting with people and having shared experiences with them, you will cultivate meaningful relationships over time. Using Meetup together with ComeWith is the best way to build your network of real friends and ensure you never have to do anything alone ever again!

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Check out this video to learn how ComeWith works with Meetup to build a real friend network. https://youtu.be/-ji0cnoUL9Y

About ComeWith
For active, hard-working professionals who are looking to improve their social lives and make new friends, ComeWith is a tech-enabled social club were you can participate in other people's experiences, meet new people and create your own experiences. Unlike Meetup and social media apps, ComeWith helps you build a personalized, real friend network and cultivate meaningful relationships through in-real-life shared experiences. 

If you vibe with what we are doing, you can help us build more features on ComeWith by making an investment in the business. Check out more details on Wefunder if you are interested in learning more. https://bit.ly/30efycz

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Karaoke at Sweet Caroline's

Needs a location

Bark in the Park! ⚾️

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Earth Day Celebration

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Full Moon Party at Carousel Club

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