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HUGGING Standing/Sitting Movement/Breathwork Outdoors +OutsideThBx UpbeatStories
Enjoy a blissful, open-hearted, Infinite Possibilities afternoon w/peers outside mainstream thinking/living! Warm wonderful people, nurturing physical release, bursts of glee & laughter, & *breath.* ***Meet 1pm but leave park 1:30pm on the dot, to walk 1 block to another location; if you're later than that you'll miss us!*** RAIN DOESN’T CANCEL: SEE ALTERNATE RAIN Location, Meeting Time, & Menu at BOTTOM of POST!!! MENU: 1pm: Therapeutic Massage Exchange Mixer: No lesson; today’s for people comfortable massaging. 1:30 pm: ~*LEAVE for ANOTHER LOCATION!*~ 1:35 pm: GroupHugOhmHarmonize, then WHIMSYUM-style Kundalini & Tantra ‘HUGGING’ Yoga/Breathwork in Pairs; 2:50pm to 4pm: Share Refreshments, Icebreaker Moving & Seated Games,& Recommend Fav OutsideTheBox Upbeat Books/Movies/TV! ~*~*~*~*~*~ BRING: MAIN DISH to share; Beverage for yourself; Yoga mat, blanket or beach towel: No box will be left out for contributions; but if you love these gatherings & want them to continue & aren’t financially challenged, contributions welcome here: Keeping these activities happening relies on regular community support! ~*~*~*~*~*~ DESCRIPTION: PART 1: Hugging Yoga: GENTLE, nurturing, revitalizing, STRENGTH, AEROBIC, & FLEXIBILITY WORKOUT: Melt into connection w/the universe together, move from 1 person to next, *wordlessly* sharing each exercise. In wordless space we truly feel each other’s amazing energy. Informal practice w/friends present & future: Not a Class, No Teaching/questions/discussion (welcome to ask questions after, when we share refreshments): Wordlessly mirror poses of person guiding everyone. We practice w/each person, no matter their shape, gender, age, style, etc. G-rated, nonsexual; focus is on wellness, celebrating the magic of everything! Option to embrace w/eyes closed, or gaze into each other’s soul. Includes chant. Come w/an open spirit --some exercises can look/sound silly! Come w/body/clothes/teeth/hair freshly bathed, thank you! Part 2: Icebreaker Games, & Recommend OutsideTheBox Upbeat Stories: What we say-write/read-watch affects how we think, how we interact w/life, what we bring into our life, & how we shape the world: Tired of books/movies/TV, & everyday life in our communities, neither representing or supporting the full diversity of human 'personalities' & their potential? Share, play, cocreate w/friends who don’t strive to look, act or think the same; w/fascinating outsidethebox projects/occupations: Gather w/imaginative, universe/human potential exploring individuals who choose to LIVE & circulate positive stories w/extraordinary new ideas which cause positive revolutions in our culture: Be new kinds of role models, leap beyond conventional expectations into exciting deeper, more meaningful new kinds of adventures which inspire others to not just read/watch, but live in new ways *right now* … not some time in the future: Transform everything into a new human playground. Be the sculptor of your reality & this world. ~*~*~*~*~*~ Questions?: Voicemail 24hrs or chat at end of gathering: I don’t respond to questions via email, text or social networks; thank you! May not be able to return all calls, so simply join us if you're inspired! Diana [masked] phone doesn’t accept txt msgs Copyright © 2018 WRP Diana & The WHIMSYUM. All rights reserved. ~*~*~*~*~*~ ***IF RAIN we'll be instead 1:30pm Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf 3rd floor, Westside Pavilion 10800 Pico Blvd: 2pm WE LEAVE FOR MORE PRIVATE Area, ARRIVE by 2pm or you'll miss us!*** Look for Funny Alien Mask(Jarjar Binks). Rain Menu: 60min Massage Mixer; 20min Shorter HugYoga/Breath; 70min Share Refreshments, Icebreaker Games, OutsideThBx Stories


11755 Missouri Ave. · Los Angeles, ca

What we're about

We're a social group with a common personality trait: Intuition. In this case, "Intuition" refers to one of the traits identified by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).

Those who test as iNtuitive tend to be big-picture people who are imaginative, future-oriented, and enjoy discussing theories and abstract concepts. iNtuitives usually find it easier to connect with other iNtuitives. Since only ¼ of the U.S. population is iNtuitive, our group brings together fellow iNtuitives and makes it easier for us to find one another.

The word "Intuition" has a more general and more specific meaning. In the context of this group, we use "Intuition" in the context of psychology--more specifically, of psychological type. Of the 16 Myers-Briggs (MBTI) types, half are iNtuitive, but all of those iNtuitive personality types together make up only between 16-25% of the population. In the context of MBTI, one's personality is more attuned either to Sensing or Intuiting. Neither one is better than the other--in fact, the creators of MBTI hoped that we would be able to better appreciate and accept each other's differences if we better understood them. In the MBTI context, "Intuition" means "Paying the most attention to impressions or the meaning and patterns of the information." (abstract/pattern-oriented/focused on thoughts, feelings, and impressions). Sensing means "Paying attention to physical reality, what I see, hear, touch, taste, and smell." (concrete/fact-oriented/focused on sensory-details). See: . I bring this up since the members of this group are coming from this understanding of iNtuition. As it happens, many (but certainly nowhere near all) MBTI iNtuitives are very interested in different aspects of spirituality--in "Intuition" in the more general/popular sense. I am explaining this so that you know where our members are coming from.

Join us for intuitive conversation and camaraderie as we visit interesting places around the Greater LA area!


At meetups, you are welcome to share your thoughts and feelings, but you will not be "put on the spot" to do so. Likewise, please do not discourage others from sharing their thoughts and feelings. If you wish to attend a meetup, and say nothing, then that is fine. Since most attendees are introverts, I tend not to try to draw people out--instead letting people watch and then participate when comfortable. Meet 'n Greets and Tribe events are a good place to get started.

Many people know each other casually, and there is a growing core group of people who are friends; however, there are always new people attending, and the group is unfailingly warm and welcoming.

I ask for tolerance of the differences of expression between and different perspectives of the N types, and for tolerance in general. Meetups are designed to encourage friendly social interaction (making friends), but this is not a "dating" meetup (though if you happen to find love, that's great!). It is a meetup (and not a meeting).

MBTI serves more as a starting point for discussion rather than as an end in itself. All iNtuitives are equally welcome to join and participate in general events. Some events will be Tribe events, and in that case the event is open to only the specified personality type (for example, ENFP Tribe).


I see my role as maintaining a group core--that is, providing a consistent schedule at trusted venues in the same region. While I love hosting these Meetups, I am investing all the time I have, so I do not have much extra time to expand the group's activities, venues, or region.

But maybe you do! All members are encouraged to join this group and to post events. Add events under "suggested" (be sure to include a venue, date, and time), and the event will be announced if either 2 more people RSVP for your event or you contact me regarding your Meetup event.

Some possibilities include:

Posting events in other regions (maybe close to your home).

Posting an NF event in a new venue.

Posting an NF activity.

Posting an event focused on a particular topic or subject (Focused Event).

Posting an event in a city you are visiting (Ambassador Event).

Posting a Tribe event.

Since I am trying to foster a community, I am open to input from members regarding all of the possibilities of what the group could be/do.


Tribe Meetups are Meetups limited to specific personality types. I envision that every type could potentially have a type-specific Meetup--in order to talk about type-specific issues (or to meet others of their type). I want to make sure people who are put off by the larger general Meet 'n Greets (which are quite large) have a chance to participate. Additionally, some members suffer from social anxiety on top of being introverts, so the type-specific Meetups are meant partly as a starting point for people to wet their toes in and get comfortable before splashing into the general iNtuitive pool.


Myers-Briggs iNtuitive Feelers (NF) Meetup Group: (

Worldwide MBTI (Myers-Briggs) Coffeehouse:


Some, but not all, events are cross-posted with our sister/brother groups. iNtuitive Feelers are encouraged to join Myers-Briggs iNtuitive Feelers (NF) Meetup Group. INFP Tribe events, for instance, are not typically cross-posted.


So as not to create twice the work for myself, these pages are kept on the Myers-Briggs iNtuitive Feelers (NF) Meetup Group site.

Group Pages Table of Contents (

Member Locations (

This page shows the geographical distribution of group members (but is out-of-date).

Member Suggestions for Meetup Agenda Items (

This page shows suggestions/ideas submitted by members regarding what to do at Meetups.

Member Suggestions for Meetup Venues (

This member-edited page lists member suggestions for Meetup venues.

Links to Personality Type Resources (

This member-edited page lists personality-related links and resources.

Occasional Bibliography for Stuff I Said (

This page contains links to resources I have mentioned in Meetups.


Los Angeles, San Bernadino, and Orange counties makes up the actively developing area of this Meetup group. People living outside of these counties are still more than welcome to attend. Furthermore, any member can use this Meetup group to post Meetup events in their city (or any other). So you are welcome to expand participation and membership in your area (or any other)!

I, personally, schedule Meetups based on the following history of interest and turnout. Remember, this only influences my scheduling of event--not yours.

Los Angeles County

Pasadena: Very high interest; very high turnout.

Los Angeles: Medium interest; low turnout.

Claremont: No interest.

San Bernadino County

Fontana: High interest; very low turnout.

Orange County

Long Beach: pending.


Worldwide Personalities United

United iNtuitives; United Sensors

NF Nation; NT Nation; SJ Nation; SP Nation

ENFJ Tribe; ENFP Tribe; ENTJ Tribe; ENTP Tribe; ESFJ Tribe; ESFP Tribe; ESTJ Tribe; ESTP Tribe; INFJ Tribe; INFP Tribe; INTJ Tribe; INTP Tribe; ISFJ Tribe; ISFP Tribe; ISTJ Tribe; ISTP Tribe.

---------------====QUESTIONS YOU MAY HAVE/FAQ====---------------

Below, I have answered some questions you may have. If you have additional questions, feel free to e-mail me. We look forward to meeting you!


Yes, of course. Please feel free to attend.

If you are interested in learning about your personality type, you have a few different options:

(Unofficial) You have the option of attending one of the group's meetups, and I will help you determine your personality type (for free).

(Official) You have the option of getting an official result. However, getting an official result costs money. There are several methods for obtaining an official result. Visit the following website for more information: < >.

(Unofficial) You have the option of taking an online personality type indicator. Below, I've listed a couple of the ones that I know about and think are reliable.

Cost: The basic test is free. The advanced test is $29.95.

Visit: < >.

Cost: $5.00.

Visit: < >.

Whichever option you decide on, remember that there are no wrong or right answers. There is no "wrong" or "right" personality type. The MBTI measures your cognitive process and not your actions. For instance, as an INFP, I have an introverted cognitive process, but my actions can sometimes be quite extroverted (like when I'm forming a group). When you take the test, try to answer instinctively and try to think about how you generally approach interpersonal relationships in your personal (non-work) life. Try not to think about specific people (such as romantic partners, co-workers, and so on), since we often make adjustments to the expression of our personality for certain people (for instance, spouses) or in certain situations (for instance, work).

Whichever option you decide on, I hope you enjoy learning a little something about yourself.


Yes, your significant others and friends are most welcome. A group member may (automatically) bring up to two other people. If a group member wants to invite more people than that, he/she need only contact me, first.


There are no dues or fees associated with my group. In fact, it costs me money to maintain this group, but that cost is not passed on to you. I do not make a profit in any other way. I do not get any kickbacks from the websites listed above or from The Meyers & Briggs Foundation. If this group really takes off, the only thing I might ask you to do is B.Y.O.B.


You can control which e-mail notifications you wish to receive here:

--=I hope you decide to join, and we look forward to meeting you!=--

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