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Bringing React Native to your Apps && JavaScriptCore <-> Objective-C Interop

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Exploring the JavaScriptCore <-> Objective-C Interop Layer
Dan Zimmerman, iOS Engineer @ Facebook

In this talk I’ll explore how objects are mapped over from Objective-C to JavaScriptCore and vice versa. We’ll start with exploring the primitives of how to interact with JavaScriptCore and build up until we get to full on using an objective-c object in javascript. If there’s time, as a bonus, I’ll discuss how JavaScriptCore figures out how to invoke an objective-c method at runtime.

Dan Zimmerman worked on tweaks in the iOS jailbreak scene, worked at Google and now finds himself stationed working at Facebook on the Mobile JavaScript Platform team. He has interests in all things systems, machine learning and maths in general.

Reacting to Change: Bringing React Native to your Apps
Nate Kirby, Android and iOS developer @ Genius

The promise of "learn once, write anywhere" sounds alluring, and reactive programming is all the rage, but what does it mean to bring React Native to existing mobile applications? In this talk we'll take a look how and why Genius seamlessly integrated React Native into both of it's mobile applications, and what happens when the worlds of Cocoa and Javascript collide.

Nate Kirby ( is an Android and iOS developer at Genius. Previously he built the Digg and Bitly iOS apps, among others. In his spare time he enjoys coffee, purchasing gadgets he'll never have enough time to use, and bread making.