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Women in iOS meetup @Adobe: Claire Lynch, Prolific & Julie Yaunches, Grow Labs

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Women in iOS is part of the iOSoho meetup.

The goal of the meetup is to bring more women and other underrepresented groups into the larger iOS community.

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• The meetup events are open to everyone but specifically target groups that are underrepresented in the iOS community: women (trans and cis), trans men, and genderqueer folks who are iOS developers.

• Our Code of Conduct ( is in effect at all of our events.

• If you have any questions, please message the organizers of the meetup.

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Improving App Navigation for Vision-Impaired Users

Claire Lynch, iOS Developer at Prolific Interactive

A new accessibility feature called custom rotors allows us to mirror visual hierarchies with voice control, making it easier for vision-impaired users to navigate mobile applications with efficiency and accuracy. This talk will cover code examples as well as a more general introduction to the vision-impaired user community and Apple's accessibility solutions for this user group.

Claire is an iOS Engineer at Prolific Interactive and graduated from the Flatiron School last August. She was on a fast track to attend medical school at the UW-Madison but pivoted towards programming because it captures her love for both creativity and math. In her free time, she loves cycling around Brooklyn, seeing live music and throwing dinner parties!

iOS & In-development Hardware

Julie Yaunches, Lead Software Engineer at Grow Labs

Diving into apps that act as gateways to custom hardware devices. How you both develop for consumer-facing use, yet support in-development hardware/firmware. Balancing the act of being debugger, user interface, and ensuring end-to-end integration.

Julie has been writing iOS apps for 5 years and has specialized in hardware enabled ones for going on 3 years. Before iOS, she worked in web/API development primarily with Ruby on Rails. She now leads software engineering for the gardening hardware startup, Grow (

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