@Kickstarter: Contributing to Swift && Functional Optionals

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iOSoho - New York City's largest iOS Engineer Meetup
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Contributing to Swift

Neil Kimmett, iOS Engineer at Harry's

Swift is open source, and that means that any of us can dive in and get involved. No idea how to get involved? Neither did I! In this talk I’ll tell the story of the tiny contribution I made to Swift, and explore some ways you can help out too.

Neil is senior iOS engineer at Harry’s (https://www.harrys.com), the shaving company thats fixing shaving. He just moved to NYC from London, where he developed a recipe app for Marks & Spencer, as well as developing a biting taste for sarcasm.

Functional Optionals

Stephen Celis, iOS Engineer at Kickstarter

Much of Swift is designed around the Optional type. Let's demystify and desugar the Optional and resugar it in a functional, reusable way.

Stephen is an engineer at Kickstarter (https://www.kickstarter.com) and loves monoids. He recently spoke at the Functional Swift Conference in Brooklyn.