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@WW: Lasso, a new architectural framework && Developing Privacy Policies for iOS

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WW (Weight Watchers) will be hosting us this month.
Food and drink will be provided!

Hello iOSoho! You are not dreaming... Another iOSoho in February! What an amazing start to the decade =D

As usual we have 2 exciting talks lined up this month. Join us for a great evening of learning and networking :)


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• 6:30 PM - Doors open
• 7:00 PM - First Talk: "Lasso: Introducing a new architectural framework for iOS"
• 7:40 PM - Break
• 8:00 PM - Second Talk: "Developing Privacy Policies for iOS Apps"
• 8:40 PM - Announcements
• 9:00 PM - Doors close. Meet at a bar nearby for a drink!


• Lasso: Introducing a new architectural framework for iOS
Steven Grosmark, iOS architect at WW and Trevor Beasty, iOS engineer at WW

Steven Grosmark and Trevor Beasty will present Lasso, a new framework from the iOS team at WW. Lasso is an MVI-inspired framework for building application screens and flows. It encourages a strong separation of concerns, with an emphasis on great testability, composability, and concise client code. We'll talk about the specific needs at WW that led to the creation of Lasso, as well as our API design criteria, the development process, and the current state of the framework. There will be fancy diagrams, clever code samples, and a light dose of philosophical wax.

Steven Grosmark is an iOS architect at WW, and has been engineering on Apple platforms for longer than he’d like to admit. He has created a wide range of applications, utilities, and games in various genres including education, productivity and health & fitness.

Trevor Beasty is an iOS engineer at WW. He is passionate about functional programming and generics in Swift. He also cares deeply about elegance in both feature implementations and API design.


• Developing Privacy Policies for iOS Apps
Sebastian Zimmeck, assistant professor at Wesleyan University

Privacy laws as well as Apple's App Store Review Guidelines often require app developers to post a privacy policy. However, often developers find it challenging to make their practices transparent to users. We would like to help developers with a tool for automatically generating privacy policy statements. PrivacyFlash Pro is an open source privacy policy generator for iOS apps written in Swift ( It creates meaningful policies by automatically analyzing app code. It also guides developers through a wizard questionnaire covering policy practices that cannot be detected from the app code (e.g., how long data is retained). In this talk we will dive into the software architecture and important features of PrivacyFlash Pro in the context of the emerging privacy regulations. Ultimately, PrivacyFlash Pro is intended to increase privacy transparency in the iOS app ecosystem. In our view, privacy policies should be considered an artifact of software development, and we will give guidance on how developers can integrate it into their workflows.

Sebastian Zimmeck is an assistant professor in the Mathematics and Computer Science Department at Wesleyan University. Sebastian's research interests are privacy tech, information security, and intellectual property. His main focus is the design and implementation of privacy tech in mobile and web apps. Sebastian is leading the privacy-tech-lab at Wesleyan. Together with his students, he is developing software solutions --- often based on machine learning and program analysis techniques --- to improve the compliance of apps with increasingly complex legal requirements. Sebastian is particularly interested in the ad tech and fin-tech domains.


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675 6th Ave · New York, NY
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