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Creating an app can sometimes be a lot of work.

So how do you complete the task?

One-person bands can get the job done if you can play all the instruments…
but most rockstars are part of a crew.

The secret to rockstardom is collaboration…
the same is happening in app development.

But the big secret is: collaboration works!

It's the new way to get work done and have fun in the process.
At this Meetup we will hear about the launch
of a collaborative online app development platform starting in Pittsburgh.
It should be interesting.
This Meetup will be a good opportunity to make an introduction,
learn what others are working on,
and ask for help with your projects.
This is for those who are new to apps; are working on an app; who have already created an app for themselves or a client; or just have a app concept they'd like to see come alive.
It should be an informative and fun time.
37 people joined together for great time at the last Meetup,
this one should be even better.
As always, if you have any demos, presentations
or topics of interest feel free to contact me.
RSVP as soon as you can.
I hope to see you soon.
Gene Evangelist,
iphone/ipad and Mobile App Developers Meetup
(Don't hesitate to call or text.)