What we're about


The purpose of this group has changed! The Big Idea is different!

FYI : If you joined the original iProduce group, that group failed.

As of Feb 20, 2107 ...

iProduce BNA exists to create digital media content in Resistance to President Donald J Trump' actions, policies and support network.

This Meetup is not attached in any operational way to the Democrat party.

Our content includes audio, video and graphics. Sooner than later, opinion test and measurement will fine tune our content efficiency.

NOTE : If you are already part of any existing Resist group, you are welcome to participate, but we expect you to have free access to basic iOS media production tools.

Our immediate mission is to begin persuasion of "swing" Trump voters to abandon ALL support for Trump and ALL support for elected public officials who've demonstrated ongoing Trump support.

Our six-point creative focus will be to produce compelling, sharable, provable direct-to-first-person content appeals about Climate Change, Civil Liberty, Education, Health Care, Justice and Wage Inequity.

Your personal motivation must be to engage in this purpose.

If you are not aligned with this iProduce group mission, please feel obligated to deactivate your membership.

The group will also go "hands-on" with strategies, techniques and iOS gear whenever possible.

We will conspire and share experiences, projects, intentions and results (and mistakes).

Our mission is to create the highest quality digital audio, video and photography with "no-excuse" production values. Standard content running time should be 2-minute max.

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