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Goddess Unveiled Meeting -Women ONLY

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"Spontaneous emotional expression, from your deep heart through your open body and relaxed breath is a natural expression of love — even if that love is expressed as sorrow, anger or fear. . . . with practice you can learn to fully feel your pleasure, pain and all emotions spontaneously as they occur, letting go of them as they complete, and offering them to another from your open heart and body as they move through you.

Most men find nothing sexier than a woman's responsiveness. Does your entire body ripple open when his fingertip caresses your breast? Do you openly weep when he offers you his love. When you are with a man you trust are you able to offer your body wide open, offering him more of your pleasure than he has ever had the blessing to behold?

To grow spiritually as a woman means being able to live, move, breathe and act as all of love’s energies, spontaneously, without inhibition, and with every inch of our bodies. As we do this, we relax into our lives fulfilled by the deep offering of our many flavors of love."

[based on the work of David David, from the book Dear Lover]

Altar Item: Bring something for the altar that represents the emotional flavor that you yearn to more freely feel and express.

Starting February 2012, our goddess meetings will be based on Goddesses from the Goddess Oracle deck. Sondra will be leading the April meeting.


Note: in order to pay for incidental expenses inherent in running these lessons, we have chosen to implement a $2/lesson participation fee, payable at the beginning of each lesson. For those goddesses who are prepared to commit to attending the next 6 lessons, a $10 fee (paid in advance) will cover all 6 lessons. Any participation fees in excess of actual expenses will be used to cover a portion of the costs for twice-yearly goddess celebrations.