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Drones, IoT, Cognitive Computing, Bluemix, and OpenWhisk!

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If you’ve been watching anything in the mainstream media these days, then you’ve probably seen a drone. They come in many shapes and sizes, from airplanes to multi-rotor helicopters, and they offer a new perspective of the world. What you may not have noticed is that drone usage is increasing beyond the realm of pretty pictures - the use of drones is already growing in disease prevention, disaster relief, agriculture, wildlife preservation, surveying, mapping & 3D modeling, law enforcement, automated deliveries, insurance, inspections, and much, much more.

Suppose your business involves surveying large properties or documenting large-scale property damage. Cost for aerial survey photographs is usually high and the turnaround time long. What if you could reduce both cost and time and streamline business process efficiency? By addressing this hypothetical use case, Developer Advocate Andrew Trice demonstrates the power of IBM Bluemix OpenWhisk for mobile/IoT applications. OpenWhisk is a cloud-first distributed event-based programming service. OpenWhisk provides you with a serverless deployment and operations model hiding infrastructural complexity and allowing you to simply focus on the code you want to execute.

In this meetup, expect to walk through the process of developing these components: an iOS user interface for an app that connects to a quadcopter drone; logic for saving a photo to a Bluemix Cloudant database instance; the OpenWhisk event-trigger package and action (in Node.js) that send each photo to the Watson Visual Recognition service, receive and post the tagging results in a Node.js runtime, and push an access URL back to the mobile app–all while the quadcopter is still in flight.