What we're about

This meetup group is for serious hobbyists, serious dabblers, or serious professionals interested in pooling our skills and seeing if we can brainstorm and build an artificial intelligence "thing" (we are being vague with the word "thing" as this could take on many forms. You do not need prior knowledge in artificial intelligence, neural networks, fuzzy logic, or any of the other terms bandied about on the 'net. You merely have to be serious about participating in seeing if this is possible. Our organizers will freely teach the academic topics as needed to keep our momentum going.

Please we ask the following:
a. NO students who are seeking someone to help with their class work, you will be booted out of the group.
b. NO asylum seekers seeking to join another group to show your immigration evaluator. Yes this seems to be some sort of thing in Quebec now.
c. If you are only going to be around in town for a few months, there are other groups for you, we want individuals who (if the group is appealing to them after they evaluate it) stick around for a year or two as this is how long it will take to create something worthwhile.

Since it appears most who want to join, have not even bothered to read the description, we a placing this simople test here. When prompted by the question (you will recognize it) reply - "wumpus".

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