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If happiness is our ultimate goal then presumably depression is to be avoided by all means. There's no shortage of counsels out there on how to attain happiness and 'feel high'

But lets try a shift, turn the focal point around: away from the luminous sun, and face head on its somber nemesis.

What is Depression? What are the causes? How to deal with it?

Career, relationships, finance, shame, guilt, shock, .... what are the usual causes of depression?

Or the more potent ones? Which the heavy ones and which the lighter - if you were to rank as such?

Are some 'types' of people more prone to depression than others?

Are some more capable in overcoming than others?

To what extent is it a clinical issue (genetic) and to what extent an issue of sheer will power?

Are some cultures more vulnerable to depression (of its individuals) than others?

What do the rates of depression/suicide tell about that country/culture? (granted the records may not reflect reality)

Or are degrees and rates of depression universal irrespective of cultures?

Does economic depression correlate to numbers of psychic depression?

Do we become mentally weak in proportion to material progress? That is, are we more fickle and more vulnerable to depression compared to our 'tough' ancestors? (a hypothetical given the lack of records).

What kind of advice would you have for overcoming depression?


Needs a date and time

Needs a location

fate, destiny, 命运...
are they real?
what's their share in your world?
how much of the present you today are the sum consequence of fate?
and how much of your will?

- identical twins separated at birth and check up a life-time later; would that answer the questions?

- are there meanings to accidents?

toss in your cases of 'accidents' -- bring your case studies :)

consider Dave's story:

My wife and I were driving home from dinner on a dark winter evening. We were on a four lane road and were close behind another car. As we passed through an intersection, a body suddenly hit the car and landed on my windshield. My wife yelled and it took me a couple seconds to grasp what had happened...

..I stopped the car and immediately called 911. I informed the operator that someone had run in front of my car. When she asked me how the person was, I told her I couldn't find them. I started walking back toward the intersection and found a 17 year old boy, Josh, laying along the curb of the road....

(Dave Reynold's story 2/3rd down the page)

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