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Collaborating on ideas for Toyota's "Ideas for Good" Contest ( Let's use this contest as both an opportunity to introduce ourselves and to practice using our creativity on a set of real-world problems! -M

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    Let's explore the universe of ideas!

    Ideologi (pronounced the same as "ideology") is an open platform for mass deliberation, group brainstorming, consensus generation, co-creation and more. At the heart of its design is a random iterative sampling protocol that facilitates the rapid interrogation of any possible subject matter, regardless of the number of participants, while filtering out the "noise" commonly associated with group collaboration (i.e. social bias, polarization, information cascades (, etc.). It uses its own cryptocurrency—ions—to automatically incentivize competitive effort and cooperative assistance, making it the very first of its kind: a fully-functional marketplace of ideas.

    Please read our whitepaper ( for more information on Ideologi and the status of the project.

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    Ideologi meetups use the following brainstorming method for its face-to-face discussions:

    ► Participants (called ideologists) are seated in a circle facing each other. The initiator introduces themselves, explains how ideologi works (explained below) and tells everyone what time the meetup is scheduled to end.

    ► The first phase of ideologi is called prologue. Each participant introduces themselves and poses a one-sentence question to the group that offers a path for dialogue. Each question must meet a simple set of criteria for exploration by the group:

    The subject cannot be resolved with a "yes" or "no" answer.

    The subject cannot be resolved by finding a known fact

    The subject cannot be resolved by having a popular vote.

    A vote is then made to determine the two most popular questions. One is selected at random to serve as the subject of the dialogue.

    ► The second phase is called metalogue. After a brief moment of silence, each participant tells the group the most pressing personal question they have about the subject of ideologi.

    ► The third phase is called hyperlogue. After another brief moment of silence, each participant is given the chance to answer one of the previous questions, or direct a message to anyone in the group. If it's a question or a request for more information, the other participant is allowed a brief response.

    IMPORTANT: The hyperlogue phase can be repeated as many times as necessary, provided that there is majority approval by the participants and there's enough time left to complete the last phase of ideologi (below).

    ► The last phase of ideologi is called epilogue. After a final brief moment of silence, each participant tells the group what they thought was the most interesting insight they encountered within ideologi. The most popular insight, as voted on by the participants, is the prime insight of ideologi.

    ► The prime insight of ideologi will be posted to the ideologi meetup page, as well as the ideologi twitter account (

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