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What we’re about

What is Citizen Assembly?
Citizen Assembly, in affiliation with the International Logic Party (other parties and organizations welcome to build the coalition), represents a new process of democratic organization where the people truly have the power. We bring together citizens in regularly occurring free-speech forums to deliberate and develop the best solutions to our common problems. If you have a good idea, we want to hear it. If you want to lead, we will help you. If you want REAL democracy, this group is for you. But beware, while democracy is free, it is real work.

Typical Meeting Format (may vary according to organizer):
–     Reading of the opening notes;
–     Participant introductions;
–     The presenter presents an idea that is written in advance, published for others to read, and copyleft for others to use (11 minutes maximum);
–     we measure the support for the idea (show of hands);
–     we deliberate in strict order of claimed turns (raised hands);
–     we conclude with uninterrupted closing remarks by each participant.
For more details on the meeting format, please refer to the link below

Becoming an Event Organizer
If you wish to be made an Event Organizer you must keep a regular schedule of "Citizen Office Hours", at least 1 hour per week (at least 3 hours per month) where you make yourself available to your fellow citizens to discuss ideas and organizational matters. These should be 1 on 1 sessions but open to a public audience. Additionally, it is highly recommended that you organize only one Citizen Assembly event per month and that you spend more time attending the Citizen Assembly events of other organizers.

Becoming an Assistant Organizer
To be an Assistant Organizer in the group you must be political candidate or at least an officer in a political party or another organization. You must also meet the requirements of being an Event Organizer.

Becoming a Co-Organizer/Organizer
To be one of the Co-Organizer you must have been an Assistant Organizer for at least 1 year. Co-Organizers are responsible for maintaining the coalition (including paying the meetup subscription fees) on a mutually agreed basis, so you must speak with them about how you can contribute and collaborate.
Alternatively, you can always just start your own Meetup group for your country, state, province, city, planet, or whatever. In fact, we are counting on you doing that!

Requirements of politicians for receiving the endorsement of Citizen Assembly
1. You must attend at least 11 Citizen Assembly meetings per year. The Citizen Assembly meetings you attend must maintain REAL freedom of speech, which includes the freedom to speak in favor of the topic, the freedom to speak against the topic, and the freedom to speak about a different topic.
2. You must keep a regular schedule of office hours of at least 1 hour per week (at least 3 hours per month) where you make yourself available to your constituents to discuss ideas and organizational matters. These must be scheduled here or in another Citizen Assembly group.
3. You must introduce at least one piece of legislation based on the most strongly supported resolution of the Citizen Assembly coalition within your level of governance, using a data aggregation method of your preference, regardless of whether you personally agree with it.
4. You must promote the Citizen Assembly coalition at least twice per week in public speech or social media.

If you meet the above requirements, you may claim the endorsement of Citizen Assembly. Note that it is possible for your opponent to do the same. That is fine. Citizen Assembly is not about you but the people, and if you and your opponent both have our endorsement, the people win either way.

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