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There’s something special about Santa Fe, NM. It’s a majestic and quirky city with a diverse melting pot of interesting people from all over the world. Our singles mix is like that too! Young working professionals, seasoned professionals, farmers, wanderers, artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, retirees, healers, and more, all creating an interesting and thriving singles community. 
Maggie’s, iMeet, iMingle, iMatch is an “in person” format to meet, mingle and connect with local singles. The foundation is “friends first”, developing meaningful connections, friendships and yes, dating too! It’s a great opportunity to get to know singles in a relaxed setting, saves time and effort, reduces uncertainty, offers a sense of safety and best of all you’ll make friends and possibly meet someone special!

iMeet, iMingle, iMatch provides two age group social experiences; 20, 30 and 40, 50, 60+. Our venues and format provide the right ambiance and atmosphere to enhance the overall experience for each social.

New Singles (2nd time singles can request this VIP):
We want your experience to be stress free. That’s why, we’ve created a VIP service just for you. First time singles, will receive a “red dot” placed on your name tag, giving you an extra welcome from our singles community. Once your checked in, you and another red dot single will be connected to one of our regular singles, creating 2 connections and introducing you to other singles. Your single will check in during the social to make sure your having a good time.

The format of our socials:
To make mingling easier, everyone receives a name tag emblazoned with the phrase, “Ask me about ______.” It’s a great way to get to know people and a great conversation starter,
The challenges of navigating a social, especially if your new to the group. I incorporate a bell to make mingling easier. When you hear the bell, it’s time to move and mingle. Introduce yourself to new people or previous connections. The more singles you know, the more interesting life is, don’t you think!

Hi, I’m Maggie, your host for IMeet, Mingle, Match Santa Fe.
I’m a Southern girl transplanted to the American West, moving here 18 years ago. It’s an amazing place to live! Life experiences do open doors which led me to the creation of iMeet, iMingle, iMatch Santa Fe.
I’m committed to bringing more happiness and love into this world by connecting singles of all ages in a face to face setting. My journey made me realize I want to help people find a partner or friend to share their life journey with. You will be welcomed and rest assured we will make you feel right at home. Remember have an open mind, relax, and enjoy the ride.

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