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"Yes, the problem has changed", says Deleuze, "It may be that to believe in this world, in this life, has become our most difficult task, the task of a mode of existence to be discovered on our plane of immanence today."

Immanence affords us an opportunity to bring balance into our experience through recognition that our nature is a part of all that is - that one is a residual phenomenon of many - and that being embodied is indeed spiritual and soulful, and spiritually conjunctive.

It looks at the here and now, and brings into focus idea, feeling, and being, in and of presence. Immanence emphasizes a radially adaptive path, in which transcendence is the turning of a corner and consciousness a gestalt of the liminal.

To this end, our being as a constellation and multiplicity, rather than as a spurious object in existence, is explored.

Ours is a pluralistic metaphysics, a multi-valanced expression of the univocal. We broaden our consciousness, and explore the betwixt. This is the non-linear path, the path of enlivenment.

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