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ImproQuo Open Improv Jam
Our flagship improv event! The weekly improv jam is a free and accessible drop-in session for anyone and everyone who wants to try their hand at improv. It's a playful and judgement free space where everyone is free to act a bit daft and have a bit of fun! On average we have at least 14 people show up every week, a mix of regulars and newcomers. Everyone is super friendly and welcoming. ++/ What to expect • A chance to be introduced to the basics and varieties of improv • A supportive and playful environment • A space to try new things • An opportunity to socialise with all kinds of different people There wil always be someone there to run the session and greet everyone when they arrive, and, like I say, there's always at least 14 or so people there. ++/ Learning more about Improv Whether you've been coming to the Jams for a while or you're new to the scene you might consider having a look at our other improv workshops ( where improv is taught and explored in a bit more depth, with the aim of making you a better performer. ++/ Decency Policy The Jam is all about being an informal and open event where anyone can get involved regardles of ability or background. We aim to make sure it always feels that way. Thus, we expect everyone who comes through to be respectful of boundries and sensibilities as a minimum: offensive material and inappropriate physical contact won't be tolerated.

Salford Arms

146 Chapel Street, Salford M3 6AF · Manchester

What we're about

This is a fun and friendly group for stepping into the mindless fun of larking about and making stuff up in a supportive environment. Improv is the perfect antidote to the sensible, stressful elements of life. It is permission to indulge in a childlike state of pure expression and creativity. It is a great way to meet new people, gain more confidence and just lighten up. No experience in acting, comedy or improv needed whatsoever.

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