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What we’re about

This group offers weekly improv classes & performance opportunities appropriate for all levels, even those with zero experience. 
-- Are you looking to improve at your public speaking?
-- Are you looking to be more spontaneous in your everyday life with friends?   
-- Are you an actor or a serious improviser looking to take your craft to the next level? 
-- Or are you just looking to try something new for fun?
If so, this is the group for you!

There are many different offerings each week:
-- In the weekly classes, you will learn the fundamentals of scene work (role playing) and work through various exercises designed to help make your scene work more successful. You'll be on your feet quite a bit as I'm believer that you learn and have more fun through doing rather than hearing an instructor talk. Brief individual notes will be given and tailored to your level of experience. At the end of each class, you will feel a sense of accomplishment that will leave you more energized and excited to tackle anything in life.

-- In the weekly jams, you will have an opportunity to try improv on a stage in a supportive environment.

-- Or check out the various improv shows promoted each week, in which teams of improvisers will perform sets.  Besides attending classes and jams, you can also learn improv by watching others who are more experienced.

Thank you for reading and see you soon!
-Improv NOW team
Class Instructors: Steve, Nic
Jams Leaders: Harry, Pedro, Steve

Any questions? Please e-mail:

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