What we're about

This group offers weekly improv classes & performance opportunities appropriate for all levels, even those with zero experience.

-- Are you a bit shy and looking to get more comfortable with your public speaking?

-- Are you a working professional hoping to be a bit more spontaneous during your meetings and interactions with co-workers?

-- Or are you an actor or improv comedian looking to take your craft to the next level?

Then this is the group for you!

In the weekly class I offer, you will learn the fundamentals of scene work (role playing) and work through various exercises designed to help make your scene work more successful. You'll be on your feet quite a bit as I'm believer that you learn (and have more fun) through doing rather than hearing an instructor talk. Brief individual notes will be given, if that's what you're looking for, and tailored to your level of experience. At the end of each class, I'm confident you'll feel a sense of accomplishment that will leave you more energized and excited to tackle the challenges of everyday life, whether at your work place or in your personal life.

In the weekly jams which are always free, you will have an opportunity to try improv on a stage in a low pressure supportive environment.

There are also free comedy shows in which I invite established improv groups and sometimes other comics. One way to learn improv is also to watch other more experienced groups do improv, which can give you inspiration.

If these are elements you would look for, this group may be worth a try. Alternately, if you know of anyone who is looking for an affordable but satisfying improv experience - beginner or otherwise, please send them my way.

Hope to see you there,




Upcoming events (5+)

The Hip Hop Improv Jam! (FREE)

The Triple Crown Ale House

If you're interested in getting on a stage in a low pressure environment to try some hip hop improv, this jam is for you! This is like a regular improv jam, except the improvisers will break out into rap! Yeah it's a little scary, and rhyming ain't always the easiest thing, but it's a ton of fun! Come watch or participate as much or as little as you want! All levels are welcome, even complete beginners! It'll be fun and amazing to see people try this for the first time. And even if it's messy, it will still be amusing nonetheless! *This jam is monthly, every 3rd Monday! --- Warm Up: We'll start with some warm up exercises to help get to know one another and get our rhyming juices flowing. Hip Hop Improv: There will be a brief intro on how hip hop improv works. Then we'll try 2 person improv scenes after which the beatboxer will comes in, which will lead to a short freestyle rap between the improvisers about whatever is going on in the scene. All scenes will be inspired by a suggestion of a random word from the audience. ---- Please, no outside food or water of any kind, including water bottles. The Triple Crown offers food and drink discounts for those with this improv show. They offer 10% off food, and $5 select draft beers.

Triple Crown House Teams! (FREE Improv Show)

The Triple Crown Ale House

These are the house improv teams of the Triple Crown! Join us every Monday night at 9pm for October through December for a night of improvised comedy - totally made up and totally free! Starring... EUCALYPTUS Jeremy Archer Louis Grenier Patrick Ittleman Steve Ling Xavier Pearson Frankie Zemel ANDREW LLOYD WEBBER REJECTS Bonhwang Koo Eric Kai Lo Samara Riviera Vermex Van Croix Anshul Zota BONSAI Clinton Bome Jim Diederich Sarah Saville Aaron Tabackman CJ Zishuk Andrew Lascar Group jam following all the sets! ------ Only Triple Crown purchased consumption allowed in the basement. Mention the Improv Discount before ordering for $5 Bud, Yuengling, or Bira or 10% off food.

The INDIE INDIE Jam (FREE Performance Opportunity)

The Triple Crown Ale House

The INDIE INDIE Jam is an improv jam where individuals or teams "compete" to see who can do the best improvised set! The stakes are super high, or really only as high as you make them! Don't have a team? Simply show up and be placed onto one or make one on the spot! Invite a friend and make a one night only team! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Only Triple Crown purchased food/drinks consumed in the basement please. If you mention the improv discount before ordering, receive 10% off food or $5 Bud/Shocktop/Yuengling.

The Chains Improv Show (FREE)

The Triple Crown Ale House

This is a free improv show at the Triple Crown! Catch a few laughs and in the process, learn from watching. Each team is a mashup of experienced improvisers from around the NYC improv community, usually performing a different improv form each week. ***As these are free shows, please only Triple Crown purchased food or beverages are allowed in the basement. If you mention the improv discount prior to ordering, you can receive 10% off food, or $4 select drafts (Bud, ShockTop, Yuengling only).

Past events (1,072)

The Improv NOW Hour! (FREE)

The Triple Crown Ale House

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