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Hi All,

I am a person from Bangalore (India) working as a software engineer in bangalore,Diagonsed with OCD,I think there is nothing like OCD or ADHD or bipolar disorder or ADD like everybody are different we are also different.We don't meet the societal expectations,hard work,feel stupid among people,its because we are directly open to soul or love which all people do not feel that way.So its necessary to find our love or soul or what we like to do.Dont be upset with people who would insult you or unknowingly hurt you through some jokes,forget those ,fall in love. We can meet and discuss about the problems we face and discuss on how to follow our day dreams and follow our brilliant ideas.

There is a brilliant person named Otto Rank(Great psychiatrist,like son of Sigmund freud) that there were some people who struggled in life and din't have soul to work in their life's and involved in obsessions,distractions,and addictions many things,later he found these were things that resulted from thrown creativity or soul or passion.

There is a new name in this era its called Wayseers,

Visit http://www.wayseers.org/ for more information,

Please try to do good things which you love and have passionate for it,

if you have interest in acting try doing that,

if you have interest in becoming a genius,scientist then go for it,do Ph.D or something,

if you like movie direction do it,

if you like music,try learning music,if you have soul in it,

if you don't like your work,then try doing things which you like even though it may smaller to you may be big business or becoming a artist,

it may impractical now ,later when start doing the things you love it keeps multiplying and you would earn money as well which you think is a problem now

What you want is happiness,which can be found by following your soul,dreams,

passions, interests.

If you are not interested in your work,then find your soul,work,if you want to write some movie scripts then write it,

Do not be afraid that in india these things does not work out,

it works everywhere,everywhere there are passionate people,

just we don't see them,but we see them when they are sucessul and be famous and assume they are gifted,its wrong,they are there because of following their soul,passion,thier interests,

Accept who you are,you are a GENIUS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do not afraid that you are like this or that,YOU ARE A GENIUS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

for any problems can mail on garret@wayseers.com,if possible there can be solution to your problem or queries.

Go for your CALLING !!


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World Bipolar Day - March 30th
Needs a date and time

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Was thinking if we can meet on March 30th, which is being celebrated as First World Bipolar Day, to coincide with Vincent Van Gogh's birthday..Welcome comments from Members..