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Scent has away of entering your soul to kindle memories of your past and to make new ones. Your grandmother’s perfume, cooking, home. A walk through a mid summer water meadow with friends, lovers, your dog, wet from the morning dew as he excitedly runs through the long grass of the water meadow. The smell of a slow babbling brook the fear when it is in spate the noise,smell,the earthy brown colour.
Christmas holds many wonderful scents, mince pies, cinnamon, the real Christmas tree freshly cut from the forest and many more.
Can you see the picture in your mind, the feelings the connections, emotions, the smell of the intertwined tapestry of your life.
That is why everybody uses scent everyday,perfume, cologne, soap, cleaning, shampoos, aromatherapy, and the under appreciated incense sticks.

For people that are interested in incense making from the cheap jossticks to the more specialised and expensive and spiritual ingredients. Come and see how the incense is made from a stick or cone to a more advanced production. With my own essential oil which I make in my own distiller.

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