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Building, making, creating, or "hacking" on business ideas. Come if you're interested in or are already running or your own small business or working with a small team to build a business that earns enough to support the lifestyle you want to live. If you're not looking for a lifestyle business and you're interested in creating a sustainable non-profit, come to this meetup to get ideas and inspiration. Come to this meetup if you just love to work on side projects where you're creating or making something. Maybe you want leave you nine to five for freelancing and you want to get in touch with people who are already in it.

If you're looking for inspiration to start something come meet people who feel the same way. You might just find your co-founder for the next big thing.

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Indie Hackers Minneapolis October Show and Tell

Our fourth event is scheduled for Wednesday October 23rd! We'll have a conference room at WeWork in Uptown that can fit 20 people. I won't be able to provide food, so expect to eat before or after, but I'll bring beers for anyone who's interested. WeWork locks their doors at 6pm, so it's best to show up before then. However if you message me or the group on meetup while you're waiting outside we can get you in. This time we're going to do a classic show and tell. Bring your laptop and be ready to show what you're working on and talk about it in front of the other attendees. Ten minutes max on presentations and then a couple minutes for questions. This is low stress, you're not selling to anyone, think of this like talking to a camera. Talking about your project with people who aren't involved can bring amazing insights that you can take home and put directly to use to make your product, landing page, or sales pitch even better.

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Indie Hackers Minneapolis September Event

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