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Meet with local independent film fanatics and movie enthusiasts to watch and discuss smaller, independent and foreign films, with some cult, documentary, and classic films mixed in. This group allows those with a taste for something different in film the opportunity to meet, watch and discuss film. A trip afterwards to a coffee house is a great way to discuss the film and meet fellow film admirers.

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An American in Paris

Regency South Coast Village

An American in Paris is a movie of sheer delight. It's not perfect, but it's joyful and enchanting in that old-Hollywoodish way that lives with you forever. Gene Kelly is a paragon of masculine grace, and Leslie Caron? Argh! * * * * * Inspired by the late George Gershwin's impressionistic musical suite of the same name, the picture is one of the finest musicals Hollywood has ever produced. Kate Cameron, New York Daily News A grand show -- a brilliant combination of Hollywood's opulence and technical wizardry with the kind of taste and creativeness that most high-budgeted musicals notoriously lack. Time Magazine

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Cold War

Edwards University Town Center 6

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