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Meet fellow anime fans near you! Come to a local anime Meetup for fun, friends and conversation about your favorite anime/manga artists, shows and games. Share your own art and fiction! Whatever interests you about anime manga and video games is welcome here!

The Indy Anime Underground works with some of the most prominent Anime Distributors in America to help bring free anime screenings in a theatrical setting to Central Indiana. Including Anime Eigo, Nozomi Entertainment, Media Blasters, Section 23, and Funimation. Because of the wide variety of titles That can mean everything from life sized mobile suits to larger than life laughs. We have something for every anime fan.

The American Go Association and the American Go Foundation have partnered with our group by giving us materials to promote and play the ancient game of Go here in central Indiana. Sega was our first partner and we met regularly in an arcade so it should go without saying gamers of all persuasions are welcome here as well.

All of our meetups are free of charge, and we'd like your help in keeping them that way, by either making a donation at one of the meetups, or by purchasing a member card at $12.00. This is in no way a requirement for membership but working with our sponsors and partners we've ensured that the card gives you access to a multitude of membership benefits. This card means buy one get half off purchases on manga and anime at the Hero House and The Jumonkan Dojo is offering a months free lessons in a variety of Aikijutsu as well as Kenjutsu a unique offering in Indy that would normally cost seventy dollars. Its a rare chance to learn about contemporary and historical Japanese martial culture while getting fit. You can read more about all three organizations on their websites by clicking on their links. This is only the beginning of the benefits and member incentives we intend to provide.

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