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#### #### will be online only for this month. We are still planning on doing the normal talks, 'This Month in Rust' and 'WebAssembly 101'. Things might be a little rough, but I'm positive we will make magic happen.

Unfortunately, because we are virtual, I cannot proved free beer or free Yats. However, if you bring a receipt to a future meetup I can reimburse you up to $0.25.

To join our us this month, please use: . The password is the first name of Rust's unofficial mascot. If you don't know it, he also share's a first name with someone who had a "Day Off" in 1986 with his friend Cameron. If you don't know who that is, please leave a comment below along with your birthday so we can make fun of the yutes.

I am trying to get this setup on YouTube Live also, but YouTube's verification requirement is dumb and doesn't work.

• What we'll do
Scott Munday will discuss the modern topic of WebAssembly and why it is the target platform of the future. To elaborate I will be developing and demonstrating a drawing application written in both JavaScript and Rust. We will briefly look at the binding glue that makes it all work together and profile the application to prove its worth as an impressive new technology.

Scott's Bio:
As for me, my name is Scott Munday. I have been developing professionally since 2002 and currently work as the Tech Lead to Theoris Solutions. I am an amateur Rustacean, but am learning one &mut at a time.

~~As always, free beer and free Yats.~~

• What to bring
Please bring a yourself, your friends, and a good attitude.