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What we’re about

Elevate Your Passion at the Heart of Barcelona! 🚀

Dive into a melting pot of vibrant minds passionate about Digital, Blogging, IT/Telecom, and Entrepreneurship! Our community is more than just a group; it's a thriving ecosystem designed to empower and ignite.
Our mission? To weave an intricate tapestry of professionals, share cutting-edge knowledge, and curate electrifying events spanning Digital Marketing, IT, AI, Intellectual Property, and the ever-evolving world of Startups. Beyond just networking, we champion collaborations, helping our members amplify their businesses and reach unparalleled heights.
Proudly standing 3500 members strong, our tribe expands with every passing week, reflecting the dynamic landscape we cater to.
The best part? Our events, filled with insights and camaraderie, often come without a price tag. We deeply resonate with the ethos of an open community, where everyone is not only welcome but celebrated. All we seek is mutual respect and a zeal for growth.
With members hailing from every corner of the globe, converging in the picturesque backdrop of Barcelona, our diversity is our strength. Whether it's networking sessions, immersive workshops, laid-back after works, or other enlightening events, we've got something for everyone.

Join us, and let's craft incredible memories and milestones together! See you soon!