The Yoga of Productivity

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Are you procrastinating, or feeling anxious or frustrated in your work? Are the usual productivity techniques -- color-coding your folders, reorganizing your e-mail inbox, and so on -- not doing the trick for you?

In this group, we take getting things done to a deeper level. This group's classes are about using mindfulness practices, like meditation and yoga, to find focus and motivation while you work -- without even leaving your desk.

The classes are led by Chris Edgar, author of Inner Productivity: A Mindful Path to Efficiency and Enjoyment in Your Work (, which Getting Things Done author David Allen has called "a great read and a useful guidebook for turning the daily grind into something much more interesting and engaging," and yoga instructor Rosy Moon Schlussel.

A former Stanford-trained corporate lawyer, Chris discovered how mindfulness practices benefited his productivity and inner peace at work when searching for relief from the stress of his job. Inspired, he resolved to teach others how these techniques can help them cultivate focus and motivation in their work. Today, as an author, speaker, and workshop leader, Chris has brought his "inside-out" approach to productivity to clients and readers around the world.

Come join us and find out how, using nothing but your own mind and body, you can get more done and have more fun in your work.

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