Blockchain and tokens integration into your project


• What we'll do
Hello crypto-enthusiast! We announce our next meetup and this time we will discuss integration of Blockchain and creation of Tokens in your project. Many startups are wondering how the new technologies can be implemented for their products. During our meetup you will have the chance to see many cases of blockchain integration into various fields of our lives and work. We will have 2 bright speakers: 1. Nicolas Sierro, Product & Project Manager at EverdreamSoft, about "How to add blokchain in your product, example of Gaming project"
In this presentation you will learn about the following aspects:
- Discover the power and advantage of blockchain for gaming, with real product stories
- True ownerships for players: decentralized gaming assets on the blockchain (Spells of Genesis cards)
- Crowdfunding with a crypto-money (BitCrystlas): on-board the community to support your product
- Your collection of games’items & User Generated Content: the mobile gaming wallet (Book of Orbs)
- The multi-games & multi-players effect: connect players, collectors, and games studios

2. Vincent Trouche, CEO about "The emergence of crypto securities in Switzerland and in other countries" Vincent Trouche will talk about Cryptosecurities and explain how they can now be used to finance businesses and startups. He will then describe how such Cryptosecurities can enable Real Estate ‘tokenization’, and look at current projects in Switzerland and abroad.

InnMind team will also share some interesting insights with you. And, of course, lots of networking and beers are waiting for you! Entry: FREE
Date and time: 12th February 2018, at 18.30
Place: Impact Hub Lausanne (11 Rue du Jura, Lausanne)

• What to bring

This would be a good reading for you to prepare for the meetup:

Trent McConaghy, AI and blockchain expert, founder & CTO of BigchainDB, founder of Ocean Protocol, explains how to implement token economy to your existing business model and decentralize your enterprise in a multi-step recipe:

• Important to know

More information about speakers: Nicolas Sierro has international projects experience in marketing, technical and operation activities for startups (e.g. Echovox/Zong sold to PayPal/Ebay, GoSwiff, and for big companies such as ABB, City of Zurich, Deutsche Telekom, Orange France telecom, Peugeot, Swisscom, 1&1, and Swiss national TVs. His last 20 years are devoted to craft digital new services and business models. Lately he followed blockchain initiatives, and tested them with focus on the user experience … and barriers. He joined EverdreamSoft min 2016, fully convinced by the power of true ownership of digital assets, enabled by blockchain based token.

Vincent Trouche has launched startups and products using emerging technologies ranging from Holographic Displays, Virtual Reality, the Internet of Things and the Blockchain. Vincent has previously worked as a consultant for McKinsey & Company, and in commodity trading in China & Latin America.