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To compete in today’s application economy, you need a development lifecycle that delivers quality software faster than ever before. Continuous delivery (CD) is a software engineering approach in which teams produce software in short cycles, ensuring that the software can be reliably released at any time. It aims at building, testing, and releasing software faster and more frequently. The approach helps reduce the cost, time, and risk of delivering changes by allowing for more incremental updates to applications in production. A straightforward and repeatable deployment process is important for continuous delivery.

This group will serve as a perfect platform for Continuous Delivery Experts and beginners to share, collaborate and impart knowledge to one another. It is also provides a fantastic opportunity to build a professional network and know the people who are the masters of Continuous Delivery implementation.

Agility, Leadership and Management are key focus are for our meet-up group.



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Webinar- "The State of Kanban" by Todd Little

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Overview: A lot has been happening in the world of Kanban. Todd Little, CEO of Lean Kanban will share some of the new things like the Kanban Maturity Model (KMM) and how it fits into the Lean Kanban curriculum. Todd will also discuss market trends and some of the directions that he sees Kanban taking. Learning Objectives: 1. New offerings from Lean Kanban 2. Core Curriculum 3. Market trends About Presenter: Todd Little is CEO at Lean Kanban Inc., the leading provider of professional Kanban management training. He is also a Founder at Accelinnova, a leadership and agility consulting group. Previously he has held executive roles as Vice President of Product Development for IHS, and Director of Software and Technology for Landmark Graphics a division of Halliburton.He has been developing or leading the development of software for over 35 years. For the past 10+ years, Todd has been a frequent presenter at Agile and Software conferences around the globe. He is a founding member and past President of the Agile Leadership Network. He has served on the Board of Directors of both the Agile Alliance and the Agile Leadership Network, and was a co-founder and Conference chair for several of the Agile20XX conferences. Todd is a co-author of the book “Stand Back and Deliver: Accelerating Business Agility,” Addison Wesley.

Webinar- Quantitative Analysis for Systematic Waste Reduction

Overview: Lean thinking lays emphasis on systematic elimination of waste. Waste is identified as anything that does not add value to the final work product. In this talk, we understand the different forms of waste that are hidden in software development. Further, if you are executing the project using Flow based thinking, typically a Kanban system, you can generate metrics that help you identify many of these wastes. This enables teams to take Continuous Improvement steps, thereby systematically reduce these sources of waste. Learning Objective: You will learn how to read metrics that are generated from a Flow based system, often using the Kanban Method. You will learn how to interpret this data and identify corrective action from them. About Presenter: Sudipta (Sudi) has been in the IT industry for nearly 3 decades. He brings together a balanced mix of experience across IT Services and Product companies. He has worked with leading organizations like Wipro, HCL Technologies in various capacities. At Digité, he heads the Engineering and Product Management function. He leads the development of SwiftEnterprise and SwiftKanban products. Sudipta is passionate about Lean-Agile transformation. He led that initiative within Digité and helps various organizations through the process.

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