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Auckland Founders' Lab is part of Global Founders' Lab network currently present in London, New Delhi and Auckland. It is a community of entrepreneurs, mentors, investors and enablers to support and nurture ideas and innovation at different stage of development.

The Auckland Founders' Lab bring together people in events and meetups with the objective of turning ideas into successful startups. In the coming time. for the community we will be organizing following events:

• Founders' Round Table: A small group monthly discussion session on different stage of start up development

• Founders' Lab Workshops: Workshops designed to help with ideation, validation and early stage development

• Regular events and meetups for brainstorming, peer pitching, investor meet etc.

As part of the community you will also get access for cross geography events and exchange programs between various Founders' Labs.

Our aim is to nurture ideas and innovation from a very early stage through bringing in the power of community and network.

To connect all our global communities with each other, we have started a new project - Start-Up Yellow Pages: All start up things at one place. While we build this you can join our facebook group to stay updated here: Start Up Yellow Pages

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Let's get your personal brand optimised! We are bringing you an activity-based workshop to help you create your perfect personal brand. What will you learn from this workshop? 1. Understand the need for "personal branding” 2. Determine the objective of your brand 3. Identify all your professional & personal brands and prioritise them 4. Identify the target audience for your brand 5. Identify the suitable platform (online - social media, email, etc., offline) for your personal brand 6. Understand how to create posts, videos, content writing, email, etc. for your brand 7. Understand how to create a schedule to promote your brand through online and offline sources 8. Understand how to develop your brand image, brand message, and brand value You will also get the chance to learn from the success stories of some very successful influencers. Event registration is required to attend. Registration Link: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/personal-branding-workshop-tickets-65019754837 Come along with a great attitude and an open mind to understand Personal Branding in a playful mood! Organizers: Ankita Dey & Latha Karthigaa Ankita is the founder of Founders' Lab (an idea incubator and founder accelerator powered by the international community of entrepreneurs, mentors, investors and other ecosystem enablers). She is an internationally experienced Entrepreneur and Business Development Manager, with a career spanning nearly 3 years working with Tesco, and with one of the global IT giants, Cognizant. She has mentored over 10 of enthusiastic entrepreneurs across India and NZ, helping them create strategies to reach their goals and grow long term successful businesses. Latha is the founder of Skillspine Limited (they help corporate professionals in understanding and learning several professional and personal skills, and in turn helps to improve the organisational performance). She is a Portfolio Entrepreneur and has the vision to help the corporate professionals get ready for the change in work, during the era of AI, automation and robotics, which is taking away close to 60% of the jobs by 2030. Over years of research, she realised the importance of game-based learning, and she is interested in transforming education by teaching skills, concepts, ideas through games.

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