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Inspired Ghost Tracking is where you meet other paranormal investigators and other people who have an interest in the paranormal, ghost investigations, ghost hunting, ghosts, and spirits. We do various events around the paranormal and have guest speakers who are experienced in paranormal, paranormal investigations, and ghost hunters.

This is a ghost tracking group that gets together and discuss like minded topics, share experiences, ghost pictures, investigations and to plan some trips to ghost tours, Gettysburg, haunted places, and some ghost investigation work. Anyone with a serious mind for paranormal or would like to know more on paranormal investigations should join. We have had some very nice guest speakers and are planning more.

If you are serious about getting together for events and going on paranormal investigations then this group is for you.

We meet twice a month, on the 1st Friday of the month we have a guest speaker or plan something else at the VFW Post 160 in Glen Burnie and later in the month we go on investigations, ghosts tours, or anything else that we like to do.

Inspired Ghost Tracking would like to inspire you to learn more on the paranormal, ghost investigations, ghost tours, super natural, ghost hunters, paranormal investigations, and more. Why not get inspired and join today?

All suggestions for guest speakers and places to go are taking into consideration just send an email to Margaret at inspiredghst@aol.com.

Inspired Ghost Tracking members pay yearly dues of $50. You get 90 days free trial so why not start out and see what we are all about?

Due to the nature of this group you must be at least 18 years old or accompanied by an adult.

By joining this group you are given Inspired Ghost Tracking permission to take and publish pictures of you at our events. You are also giving us permission to hold the copy right of any pictures you put up on our site or take at any of our investigations.

Private investigations are done by our core group. If you are looking for someone to investigate your home then please contact us at inspiredghst@aol.com or go to www.inspiredghosttracking.webs.com (http://www.inspiredghosttracking.webs.com/) to visit our other site. Also, check out our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/inspiredghost/ .

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What will we find at Burlington County Prison Museum

Burlington County Prison Museum


I had to pay this one to secure it so I need everyone to pay asap so that I have my money back. Angry inmates, anguish and death: these may all have caused the Prison Museum to be haunted. The first reports of spirits roaming the prison’s halls was in 1833, following the execution of Joel Clough, who was buried on the grounds. Guards and prisoners heard moaning and rattling chains, and smelled cigarette smoke coming from the “dungeon”. During renovations in the 1990s, workers heard sounds and saw apparitions throughout the building. Most disturbing to them was when their tools went missing and were later found in locked cells! This prompted the Board of Freeholders to ask a paranormal team to investigate. As a result of the investigation, the prison joined the ranks of the most haunted buildings in New Jersey. Ghost research groups from as far away as Ohio and Long Island have been to the Jail to investigate. These groups typically record the happenings in the prison from 8 p.m. through midnight on a given night. They use their own equipment, such as digital voice recorders, cameras, infrared video camera and electromagnetic field detectors, which pick up breaks in the energy field. They review their evidence over the following weeks and then send a report to the museum. Thus far, each group has found evidence of the prison being haunted. They have recorded voices, caught orbs (energy) on film and detected spikes in the electromagnetic field. All of these things combined give the prison museum the title “HAUNTED”.

Lora from York Ghost Tours talks about our next investigation

Harry L Cooper VFW Post 160

YORK GHOST TOURS Was started in December 2018 by Lora Cole Shirey and friends. Lora brings over 18 years of paranormal experience and has been the paranormal Director of the Haunted Haldeman Mansion located in Lancaster, PA since 2012. Lora started the paranormal program for the Haldeman Mansion as a way to raise money for the historic property so restorations could continue. Since starting the program, she has meet thousands of people in the paranormal field and lectured at many different events all over the East Coast. ​What makes YGT different is our unique way of not only offering paranormal events at our own haunted Speak Easy and underground Doctors office, we also work with other very known haunted business's in York as well as surrounding areas to bring paranormal investigations to those places as well. Below the streets of York,PA you will find a hidden Haunted Speakeasy. Home of a known spirit named Jerry and even a small child who loves to ride her bicycle and ring the bell. Other known restless spirits also haunt this hidden treasure. Not only a speakeasy but also a burlesque, cat house and even a mobs headquarters. What or who awaits you? Come find out for yourselves.

Triple the fun: Investigate a Speakeasy, doctors office and a third location.

the underground (basement)Speakeasy and Doctors office (original morgue) and an old bar dating back to the early 1900's that is now an office. Each location is separate and requires a short walk or drive between locations. Toggle between locations. The HAUNTED SPEAKEASY is a place full of paranormal activity that includes Jerry a 38 year resident who passed tragically in a car accident trying to get back home. He still resides in the speakeasy which was once a basement that housed a lot of his personal belongings. If you enter the cage you will feel his energy and connect with him thru Ghost boxes and other paranormal equipment. Jerry was such a treasured resident that even after his death he still has his own parking spot. Speakeasy dates back to the early 1920's but also served as a burlesque, cathouse, mob headquarters and even a antique shop Another popular ghost is a little girl who rides a bike and rings her bike bell. Many people have heard the little girl and her bell in real time, There are many different ghost residing in the Speakeasy, people have encountered different females claiming to have been murdered and raped. Psychics have connected and seen different females on the stairs and the stage. Having once served as a Cathouse and Mob Headquarters, its no wonder many ghost are still residing here. The DOCTORS OFFICE is located on the lower level of a building built back in 1890's. Its rumored to be the temporary hospital while the 1st York hospital was being built. Could the lower level be the morgue? Its many rooms and twisted corridor will leave you wondering what the lower level was used for. Documented evidence has uncovered a ghostly orderly walking around with a flashlight and turning off lights, a very unhappy and rude doctor and also several patients. WHAT WILL OR WHO WILL YOU ENCOUNTER?

Come meet Jennifer Garcia, Psychic Medium

Harry L Cooper VFW Post 160

Jennifer will be talking to us about some of her paranormal experiences. Jennifer Garcia is a Psychic Medium who gave live readings on Mix 107.3 Radio. Jennifer is a Certified Energy Healer and Motivational Speaker. Jennifer is Founder of Spiritual Spectra, a spiritual and holistic healing practice offering services that increase wellness through the mind-body-spirit connection. Her Meditation Circle was featured in the Baltimore Sun. http://SpiritualSpectra.com

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Meet the Author Robin M. Strom-Mackey

Harry L Cooper VFW Post 160

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