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What we’re about

Are we your Tribe?  This is a group for women who value personal development, lifelong learning, and connecting in community. For some, that's reason enough to join! For others, you may feel the need to reinvent yourself after a transition like a new job or changing careersmarriage or divorce, a baby or empty nesting, loss, starting a new venture etc. Either way, accessing simple yet effective somatic tools that empower us as we grow and change is essential. And above all ~ being radiant and fully you ~ without apology!  

So how does that happen? Tamara Archer serves women as a Life Coach and certified master somatic practitioner.  While anything we do involves our 'head' space (thoughts, intellect, mental awareness) the emphasis of this MeetUp is to introduce/develop/deepen our somatic awareness, our 'body' space, with experiential tools and practices.  Integrating mind and body gives you more awareness and choice in how you move and live your life.  Somatic intelligence gives you the ability to breathe, space to think, and to respond to life vs reacting, as a knee jerk habit on autopilot.   

Integrated Empowerment for Women is a community of women embracing health and wellness, self-acceptance, and self-celebration ~ woohoo! 

Come join us!