Virtual Teams: Achieving The Water Cooler Experience with Your Remote Teams

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Zoom Meetup (invite will be posted the week of the event)

Keeping remote teams engaged requires that project managers are proactive in engaging their teams and are able to think outside of the box when it comes to keeping in touch and connecting with their people. This session targets the leader who desires to better communicate, manage and develop virtual teams. By the end of the session, participants will:
1) Explore the strategies and tools to effectively communicate with your virtual teams
2) Discuss the ways to provide helpful feedback and direction to staff without micromanaging
3) Discover team-building exercises that can improve team cohesion and influence team success

Crystal Richards is the Principal and Owner of Mosaic Resource Group, a talent development consulting firm dedicated to helping business professionals better themselves in all things project management, communications, and leadership. Crystal is a dynamic trainer, results-oriented facilitator, and versatile project manager with over 16 years of experience in healthcare management and project management working with private- and public-sector clients. Crystal is a certified project management professional, a PMI agile certified practitioner, a member of the Agile Alliance, and a member of the Association for Talent Development.