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Meet New Friends on Zoom

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Come hang out with us and chat with people from all over the world! Don't worry if you are shy or awkward or your English is perfect. We want to meet you!

Please check out our website, where you can donate to support our mission and see our TV interviews:

The only rules are to be positive and kind. Leave your negativity behind. This is not a place to argue or debate controversial subjects. There are many other places to do so. We want to help you improve your interpersonal communications skills and program your mind for success. New People must come on camera.

While the International Friend Connection takes extra steps to make this a safe and enjoyable experience, we are not responsible for member-to-member interactions. All attendance is at your own risk. An adult guardian must supervise anyone under the age of 18. Please report any misbehavior to the host or organizer.

Consisting of over 40 groups in cities worldwide, the International Friend Connection is the largest all-volunteer organization of its type.

The official Meetup conduct policy governs all events:

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International Friend Connection™ - A Place for Growth
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