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Meet new ladies and gentlemen and make new friends! (Hosted/Welcome drink/CHF10
Meet new ladies and gents at our casual and laid back social! It is the perfect way to start your weekend. We welcome expats and locals and singles and couples. Event Flow: We will start our evening by 7.00 pm and end at 9.30 pm. (Members are welcome to stay on later) When you arrive, please ask for the Meetup group or Di and you will be shown to our area. You will be welcomed warmly into the group by Di, the host and organizer and you will also be introduced to some of the other members who attend. Please be aware that over 95% of those who attend come alone and over 75% attend for the first time. ! Please try and come early so that you can be introduced to other attendees additionally we will also invite members of 4 other meetup groups in the city and so you will meet a lot of new people. 1) Our members will get 1 complimentary/FREE welcome drink 2) Dress Code: Casual 3) Event Fee: CHF 10 Cash (included 1 welcome drink) (The event fee will be collected by Di at the start of the evening when you arrive. This event fee pays for hosting, organising, meetup, marketing costs and the cost of welcome drink etc) ---------------MEMBER VIDEOS------------------------ WE KNOW THAT ATTENDING A SOCIAL EVENT ALONE AND FOR THE FIRST TIME CAN BE SCARY AND NERVE RACKING. WE TAKE IT ALL AWAY. PLEASE WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW TO SEE WHAT SHOULD YOU EXPECT FROM AN EXPATS CLUB MEETUP? PLEASE SEE VIDEO BELOW FOR INFORMATION ON OUR GROUPS AND WHY WE ARE DIFFERENT FROM ANY OF THE OTHER SOCIAL GROUPS IN THE CITY PLEASE SEE VIDEO REVIEWS FROM MEMBERS --------------------------------------------- Why should you attend our Socials? We have taken away any and all issues surrounding socializing and meeting new people in Zurich. 1. Meeting new people in groups can be intimidating. The organizers of the Expats Club understand this and so welcome you when you arrive in our reserved area. We then proceed to introduce you to a few like minded people so that you can chat and settle down. 2. Our socials are very casual and laid-back affairs. We have no registration table, queues, guest lists or ceremony. All you do is walk in like you are meeting old friends and just say hello! 3. There is a very good reason why our socials have small groups of between 20 and 40 people. That is because small groups are better for socializing and everyone can actually meet everyone else through the course of the evening. Everyone just enjoys themselves more! 4. No one is alone in our socials. No starring into glasses and watching others chatting. Our organizers will help you make connections. Just reach out to them. Organizers will be there to help you and introduce you to the other members. 5. We, almost always, tend to have a very good gender, age and cultural balance. No one group dominates, there are no cliques and everyone is very open to make new friends. You have no absolutely no excuse! There is no need to be shy or worried about meeting new people. Come out and join us. We will help you meet people and make new friends! CLICK TO SEE PHOTOS FROM PAST MEETUPS ( )

The Pub

Selnaustrasse 6 8001 · Zürich

What we're about

Zurich can be lonely place. It can be even more isolated if you are a bit older or if you are an expatriate who does not have a social network in the city. You seek substantive, intelligent conversations and not mindless chatter.

We want to bring together like minded people who prefer to socialise in relatively quiet locations including quiet bars and restaurants where people can establish connections and friendships beyond mere acquaintances.

Our meetups will be carefully organised monthly to ensure we are small enough in number so that we remember most names and exchange numbers with many by the end of it. We will also try and maintain a reasonable balance between women and men at our events.

We will strive to offer a comforting and warm group which is multinational with a high degree of sensitivity and will be welcoming. We will try to maintain a clubby close knit feel to our group.

You may be single, attached, married, separated or a grand dad...we do not care..(this is not a group exclusively for singles, couples are very welcome!) but be open to new friendships and experiences. We could go to bars, restaurants, cruises, trips, concerts, sports events, holidays, dances and parties, yoga etc. and so the meetups will be diverse.

This club will be about friendships and connections but above all having fun together with friends.

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