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Meetup Description: We have very experienced speakers as well as those just getting started in speaking or who want to start up your own business. Our meetings generate a lot of energy and ideas!

We host live online monthly webinars and in person quarterly events, all of which have opportunities for members to speak. Our goal is to network, collaborate, share resources and learn more about the business of speaking, being an entrepreneur and everything that has to go along with that. We mastermind, members are able to speak, there is training each month and we work on ways to help each other find more speaking opportunities or build our businesses in general.

This WEBINAR only lasts one hour so we will move quickly - be on time so you can do your introduction! Try to be on video if you can as then you'll be able to share your information, website and special offers inside the "chat room" on zoom. Recordings and Chat Room Contents are saved and shared on the Webinar Replay page linked here: http://www.iSpeakerNetwork.com, for anyone to watch and review so those who "show up" could get a lot of added exposure!

9:00 am - Welcome from Katrina Sawa (host) and "quick" introductions from those on live

9:20 am - Reminders from Katrina on upcoming events, member & group announcements

9:30 am - 15 min speaker with Q&A - Lisa Young will be speaking on the topic of "Become A Celebrity In Your Niche" and you'll learn what separates a standout entrepreneur from those that languish in obscurity? Star Power.

Lisa will cover how to:
• The 3 ingredients (that you already possess) that can separate you from the pack.
• The Star Power Method that turns those 3 ingredients into rocket fuel for your business.
• How leaning into your creative type (we're ALL creative!) impacts your success
• And more...

9:50 am - 5 minutes in the spotlight hot seat for one member on the call

9:55 am - Last minute shout out for free gifts, links, events and more (to be placed in chat room for easy access for all) Note: Katrina will copy the chat room contents at the end of each webinar and include in a follow up email along with the recording of that month's webinar.

Try to come video ready at a computer if you can and for best communicating, use this link to join in live: https://zoom.us/j/9168724000. Otherwise you are welcome to call in only to:[masked], Meeting ID/PIN:[masked]. *** ZOOM NOW REQUIRES ENTERING A PASSWORD WHICH IS[masked] *** Bring ideas, your 30 second schpeel, a call to action or free gift or promotion of what you would like to share with the group too.

Come on time for introductions of everyone in the group. Bring a free gift link to post in the chat room for all to take advantage of. Be ready to possibly get chosen for a hot seat in our "5 Minutes in the Spotlight".

She is an award-winning speaker, best-selling author, and accomplished musician with multiple albums to her credit. Lisa's been featured on Disney+ and is the host of Creative Freedom. She helps creative entrepreneurs define and achieve success on their own terms. She believes that the best way to be truly successful in life and business is to be yourself so you can own your dreams without selling your soul. Lisa is also the founder of Ark Entertainment Media - a business growth consultancy for ambitious creatives who want to become the celebrity of their industry and leave a lasting legacy to future generations.

Please be sure to tell a friend who might also enjoy our group. Send them to: www.iSpeakerNetwork.com. If you would like to be one of the upcoming speakers for the in person events or the webinars, please go to that page and click on the link that says "Apply to Speak".