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What we’re about

Come join our friendly IoT meetup group in Brighton. We aim to cover the full spectrum of topics, from Technology through to FinTech.

Some of the topics we will cover are: - IoT and Cloud - Embedded systems (including open source hardware such as Raspberry Pi ; Arduino) - Wireless & Telecoms ; Sensor networks - IoT ; Big Data - Legal & Security aspects - Business impact of IoT - Financing your IoT project

But this group isn't just for geeks. We need to build a vibrant IoT community here in Brighton. So we welcome Entrepreneurs, Creative / Artistic people, Finance people, Policy makers. In fact, if you are in any way curious about how this technology will shape the future, then this group is for you.

We will invite guest speakers on specialist topics. And if you have a project you wish to showcase, then you are more than welcome to bring it along and get some feedback from your fellow group members.

We will look at the kind of IoT projects that are going on in the UK and throughout the world and envision how we can create the Brighton of the future. Sounds interesting? Sign up now and be part of the next great wave of digital innovation in Brighton!