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Competitions help push us to do our best, and think about how to do it better. In this new group in development, members will create crew teams and guest teams of at least 3 people each every month for service competitions, providing or receiving essential services that people need to be healthy and comfortable, and to function well. We’ll keep leaderboards for each contest of the top performers as measured by objective metrics, like the value of sales or purchases.

Our first competitions, for food and laundry services, will be designed with members to create a low-barrier pathway to income and advanced training for low-income, low-wealth people, improve teammates’ experiences as workers and customers, conserve resources, slow climate change, and save people money and time. They will start easy and get more difficult as teams progress. In a blind test of both crews’ work, guest teams will provide feedback for crews’ improvement and encouragement. Future crews and competitions can be for whatever legally permitted services that members want.

Anyone who will use the services of our crew teams, and is able to communicate their preferences, is eligible to join a guest team, and we will thoughtfully consider their needs and preferences, regardless of their age or disposable income. You must be at least 18 years old to lead a guest team, and follow the rules to keep that position, including being on-time for pick ups or notifying us of unexpected delays.

We will also explore different business models and legal structures that teams may want to consider in the future, both for-profit and not, and ways of working and deciding together. Of these, we will prioritize monthly service subscriptions, with high minimum orders that everyone can meet because they are part of a guest team. This could create steady income for crew team members, with low overhead costs, and provide many opportunities for them to perfect their service. Services may be crowdfunded, contingent on reaching the goal for them, on a site like Kickstarter as a way to reduce risk and overhead.

We invite you to join our group and conversation about the future of work and leisure that we want, and to create it with us.

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