What we're about

Into The Heart are regular classes, workshops and retreats for Gay, Bi & Queer Men.

Hosted by teachers Andy Butterfield & Tom Cowan.

Through these events we aim to :

• Support the health and wellbeing of gay, bi and queer men, nourishing our communities.

• Share embodied practices of Yoga and Shiatsu massage to foster a deeper sense of personal and inter-connectedness.

• Explore the therapeutic, playful and calming qualities of nature through Ecotherapy and Nature Connection Practices.

• Aspire to create safe spaces for sharing, reflection and personal growth with other men.

• Join together as a community of men seeking deeper layers of meaning and purpose in our lives so we can have fun, connect and smile like we were born to!

Check out http://www.andybutterfield.com and http://www.tomcowan.info for more information on our classes, workshops and retreats.

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