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What we’re about

Have you tried going to 'traditional' business networking events but find them overly intimidating and scary? Do you wish that there was an event focussed more on building connection and relationships and less on the quick sell?

If you answered 'yes' to both these questions, then this Meet Up group could be exactly what you are looking for.

First and foremost, this group is aimed at small business owners who identify themselves as introverted. It is open to people working in any profession but is most likely to appeal to those in the helping professions (e.g. coaches, body workers, alternative health practitioners) or indeed anyone whose primary aim in their buisiness is to make a positive impact in the world and those around them.

The purpose of the group is for members to support each other in building their businesses and organisations through mutual support and connection. We meet regularly in a relaxed and informal location to brainstorm and share ideas, tips and experience. We also share 'what we do', so that we are able to refer each other to prospective clients and contacts.

My background

Having worked in professional services as a tax adviser and trainer for 16 years, I made the decision in 2014 to move into coaching.  I completed certification with the Coaches Training Instute in 2016 and have been working with paying clients since 2015. I focus mainly on working with introverts to help them make the most of ther innate skills and talents and provide the space and support to help them launch their voices into the world.

As an introvert myself, I always found the thought of attending traditional business networking events pretty scary. I worked through my fear and, the more I went to, the less anxiety I felt but nonetheless it seemed like I wasn't really achieving anything for my business by being there. A lot of the people I met didn't want to spend any time understanding what I do and mostly they were just there to build their mailing lists or go in for the hard sell.

What I've realised is that there are two types of people in business:

- those whose primary motive for being in business is to make money; and

- those whose primary motive for being in business is to serve their clients, thereby making a positive difference in the world. 

I know from experience that those people in the second type (myself included)  can get anxious about coming across too pushy. This is to be commended but the problem I have found is that we can often go to the opposite extreme, which either means not wanting to tell people about what we do (as this already feels like 'sales') or give away our services for free or at a very low fee.

My hope for this group is that we can support each other to deliver great service and value to our clients and build our businesses through trust and connection whilst at the same time standing up for what we are worth and earning the money we deserve.